Bird Carvings

One of my passions is carving shore birds. Please be sure to check out the gallery as there are usually an assortment of bird carvings currently for sale.

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  • March 13, 2018 at 3:14 am

    Hello Tom,

    It was great talking with you the other day- your weather vanes are great- they would show so well in my garden. I want to send you a couple of links to what this venture is all about. It would be easier to cut and paste on a direct email if you do not mind sharing. I am definitely looking forward to meeting you when I return from Frankfurt.

    The Light + Building show is the largest of its kind- 2,600 companies will be on display- some of the large lighting companies have “booths” that are bigger than homes. Nine three-story pavilions- lighting controls, smart homes, amazing architectural lighting, outdoor decorative fixtures which are really awesome and never used over here, and then the interior decorative fixture companies from all over Europe. Glass, slumped, or blown…. the best of the best. It is also where I keep current with my catalogs – now over 60 linear feet. The show is six days- 9:00AM – 6:00PM- I am there every hour possible and I still can’t see all that I want to. I go through the entire list of vendors- mark them and then put them in Hall/Floor/showroom# order. If you don’t you find yourself going around in circles and not straying far from the pieces you most want to see. In the odd-numbered years, the show is in Milan.
    Anyway, I would like to send some information and lots of photos so you can see exactly what the Studio looks like and has to offer. The vanes would definitely look cool in the meadow, especially downlit from a tall oak or maple.

    Hope you don’t get hit too hard tomorrow. I lost some mighty branches last week and I know what is being activated inside those giant pieces of art. They have to close down that opening as soon as they can. We are approaching spring, the sugars are flowing and the wounding over will begin. I spent all night shaking my specimens, the ones that were not too large. A 10-foot 2″ piece of PVC knocks the weight off. That was a heavy snow and very little wind, so it settled right onto the branches.

    Looking forward to our meeting,

    My regards,



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